HELM True Wireless Earbuds

Finding quality headphones is tough, man. I’ve burned through so many different pairs of headphones in my lifetime already, and because of it, I’m always looking for a better pair of everyday headphones. Enter the HELM True Wireless Earbuds, a high-quality pair of sleek-looking and great-sounding earbuds.

What makes the HELM earbuds an immediate standout in the now-saturated wireless earbuds market is their look; each of the earbuds has a stylized and futuristic-looking design. On top of that, they’re sleek, and they’re actually surprisingly comfortable, even when lying down at night.

They stay in quite well, too; I’ve used them while doing yardwork, while running, while doing housework and more, and I’ve never had them fall out. They stay in better than the xFyro S2 wireless earbuds we had been using, and they’ve got a much smaller profile. In fact, they’re ergonomically superior to the xFyro set as well.

The HELM True Wireless Earbuds come with a charging case that brings their playtime to 15 hours. Without the case, they’ve got 3 hours of playtime on max volume. They take about an hour and a half to charge fully with the case, and doing so is essentially effortless.

As far as their sound quality is concerned, audiophiles will be pleased with the deep bass response and clarity of the HELM earbuds, thanks to their high-powered rare polymer and alloy enhanced drivers. The sound is rich and full, whether you’re listening to classic Foo Fighters or the latest from Logic.

Their range is also impressive, giving an industry-leading 80ft of Bluetooth connectivity without losing connection.

The HELM True Wireless Earbuds are available in black or white for $99.99, and you can pick up a pair right on Amazon.

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