Jaybird Vista Earbuds: The Ultimate True Wireless Earbuds – Available Now!

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A Jaybird Vista review unit was provided.

There is simply nothing else in the world that is more annoying than having your earphones ripped out of your ears because they got caught on something. Be it at the gym, in the bathroom, while walking the dog, anything you can think of; no matter how your day is going up until that point, the second you have your ears assaulted by a tear and you are disconnected from your music…. Whew. Hell hath no fury like a person robbed of their earbuds.

Luckily, we’ve seen a wave of brand new true wireless earbuds. The people over at Jaybird have created the Jaybird Vista Earbuds, the end all be all of true wireless earbuds and, by far, the best true wireless earbuds we’ve used yet. Boasting cutting-edge technology with customizable, premium sound options, prepare yourself for the ultimate active audio experience for your next morning run.

These perfectly crafted puppies feature a charging case with a 16-hour battery life and guarantee 32 hours of uninterrupted independent bud use. They proudly wear an IPX7 waterproof and sweatproof rating. Answer calls, listen to music, enjoy a podcast, you can do it all no matter the activity with these in your ear.

Perhaps you need to tailor an audio experience to a certain situation, let’s say that you are working out at home and you need the sound to be crisp but low enough so that you can enjoy your personal time but also be sure that your roommates or children are not screaming and trying to kill each other. Or maybe you want to drown out the outside world and run through the hilltops.

Either way, with the Jaybird Vistas you can create multiple, unique sound profiles that you can easily load up on the fly via an iOS or Android device – and that’s really been one of the big differences for me with the Jaybird Vistas. They. sound. bloody. incredible.

The Jaybird Vista true wireless earbuds fit snuggly in your ears, and you’re able to run, jump, skip, hop, dropkick, high five or do whatever else you want to with them in yours without worrying about them falling out. I cleaned my garage with them in, rode my GoTrax scooter with them, did the dishes with them, ran with them – and never once, did I feel like they were going to fall out of my ears.

I simply can’t get over the sound quality, though. I’m listening to them right now as I type this – to be more specific, I’m listening to the Autumn Pianos playlist on Google Play, which is currently Johannes Cernota’s Gnossienne Nr. 1 – and it sounds absolutely stunning. Crystal clear highs, booming lows, perfected mids – they’ve got a complete sound, and the Vista earbuds do a great job of blocking out the world around you as well.

They’re available now via Amazon and other retailers. Included with the earbuds are three sizes of secure fit ear gels, a charging case, and a USB C charging cable.

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