King Tide Brings Battle Royale to the Ocean

If you’re going to attempt a new battle royale game, you better bring something unique to the table. With King Tide, it looks like the developers at Digital Confectioners are doing just that.

The game is an aquatic based battle royale title in which you’ll play as a scuba diver in an ocean based arena. 100 players enter the map via torpedo pods and you’ll shoot it out while avoiding hazards until only one remains.

The most intriguing of those hazards are the sharks that infest the waters of King Tide. Just like other battle royale games, the safe zone gets smaller as the clock continues to tick. And should you find yourself outside of the safe zone, you’ll be susceptible to shark attacks which will take you out.

You can play King Tide as a solo player or alongside friends in squad based matches. You’ll explore a variety of locales in the ocean depths. Digital Confectioners specifically mentions abandoned sea labs, sunken boats, beautiful reefs hiding within their aquatic arena. You’ll scour them all to find loot to add to your inventory, which you’ll then use to combat the other players remaining.

During matches, random depth charges will be dropped from aircrafts above. Their explosions are lethal, so you’ll need to avoid them in order to claim victory. The developers state that their addition will “turn chaotic firefights into total mayhem”. So it’s apparently not just other divers and sharks that can be your undoing.

The game is currently up on Steam to add to your wish list. It’s slated to dive into Early Access in August. A console version has been hinted at by the developers, but there’s no concrete details on that yet. With all of the imitators flooding the battle royale genre, it’s refreshing to see a game like King Tide attempting to try something new.