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Kuratas vs. MegaBot: Giant Japanese & American Robots to Battle

kuratas vs megabots

A few weeks ago, you might have read somewhere on the web that an upstart American company publicly challenged the company behind Japanese robot Kuratas to put their robot up against the American robot, MegaBot. Yesterday, our dreams came true when the company accepted the challenge. Soon, we’ll see a Kuratas vs. MegaBot battle, which will basically be a live-action boxing match between robots.

In fact, CEO Kogor Kurata accepted the challenge from Gui Cavalcanti (the man behind MegaBot) in quite an arrogant fashion, saying, “My reaction? Come on guys, make it cooler. Just building something huge and sticking guns on it is… super American.”

“We can’t let another country win this. Giant robots are Japanese culture,” Kurata added.

According to Engadget, the larger US MegaBot stands at 15-feet tall and weighs 6 tons. It has a rusty finish, rolls on tank-like tracks and holds two pilots. The robot is capable of firing giant paintballs at up to 100mph.

MegaBot’s opponent, Kuratas, is a sleeker, sexier bot that weights in at 9,000 pounds and stands at just 12-feet high. It has a giant BB gun, and uses wheels instead of tracks.

Unfortunately, there will be no guns allowed, which I guess we’ll let slide since the robots are actually manned by pilots. There will be other safety measures in place to protect the pilots, of course, although we’d much prefer the robots be controlled remotely as to create the best opportunity for a beastly battle. The duel will be organized by MegaBots, so we don’t yet have a specific date or time to tune in. However, Kuratas believes the Kuratas vs. MegaBot battle will take place in about a year. We will just go ahead and pre-order the pay-per-view right now. Can we do that? (Update: No pay-per-view mention as of yet).

Expect us to cover the Kuratas vs. MegaBot battle closely here at Nerd Much. Giant robot battles? Count us ALL in.

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