Miraculous Ladybug Mask by Masktastic

miraculous ladybug maskHere we are, months after the premiere of Miraculous Ladybug, and there still isn’t any official Miraculous Ladybug merchandise. There aren’t any action figures, toys, nor costumes just yet. Luckily, there is some cool unofficial merch floating around the web, like this Miraculous Ladybug Mask by Masktastic.

Although we supposed a ladybug-themed masked that’s similar to this shouldn’t be too hard to find, Masktastic’s version of our favorite new teen hero’s mask is of extremely high quality. In fact, it’s made entirely of leather that has been hand-carved and molded. Then, the mask is hand-painted with acrylic paints and coated in a satin varnish for the perfect sheen. It doesn’t come with holes, as it is intended to be stuck to your face with skin glue or spirit gum. However, the seller notes in the product’s description that they can punch holes in it if you’d like. Also, this version is intended for adults, so if you’re looking for a kid’s version, it’ll likely come a bit cheaper, and all you have to do is ask the seller for a quote. And yes, there is a Cat Noir mask available as well, both of which are perfect for some Miraculous Ladybug cosplay.

Price: $37.17

Buy the Miraculous Ladybug Mask here.

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