Alien: Covenant Teases Letters To Home

Two new promotional trailers have been released for Alien: Covenant, just before the movie launches in theatres on May 19th of this year. Both teasers are in the form of letters home, left by the crew in one of the last data streams back to Earth.

The first is from Daniels, played by the lovely Katherine Waterston, who proudly talks about the mission and how it is truly where she wanted to be in life. The second is far more philosophical, in which Billy Crudup’s character Oram, quotes some poetry or another about being on the cusp of a wondrous discovery.

Alien: Covenant is directed the one and only Ridley Scott, returned after so many years away from the franchise. All fans are very much looking forward to what Scott will offer the series. Be it all new or all old, I’m sure we will love every moment of it. The film will star Michael Fassbender, James Franco, Danny McBride, and Demian Bichir.

We’re not sure if any of these actors will be returning for the next in the Alien series, but Scott has mentioned it will be happening and is titled Alien: Awakening. The story of the latter film will take place between the previous films Prometheus and Covenant. Scott also states that if the Covenant is very successful, there will be at least three more after Awakening. And we thought Marvel had a long running series.

What do you think of these letters home? Do they hype up the film more for you? Let us know in the comments!


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