World War Z 2 To Be Directed By David Fincher

World War Z 2 will be directed by David Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club) once the new CEO of Paramount Pictures Jim Gianopulos officially greenlights the movie. Variety’s sources say that though the decision hasn’t been made official yet, it is sure to happen with Brad Pitt back to play the main protagonist again.World War Z 2 To Be Directed By David Fincher

World War Z 2 will be one of the first films Gianopulos greenlights after taking over the reins from Brad Grey, who had taken the film off the calendar. The decision will finally allow some progress to be made on the sequel, which is expected to begin production early 2018.

Though Fincher hasn’t made a film since Gone Girl in 2014 and generally disapproves of sequels, it seems he’s always open to working with Brad Pitt. Indeed, with World War Z 2, they’ll have worked together four times. All of which are rather good movies, as Fight Club and Se7en alone have made it into university film textbooks (as good examples).

I don’t recall the first World War Z being a particularly good movie, but perhaps this sequel will make up for it. Fincher is one of the best directors of our time and tackling this project is something he is surely capable of. That said, most of his films are about a very slowly unfolding mystery, usually to do with murder.

World War Z, with its video game-like masses of zombies, doesn’t seem like a subject suited to such slow brewing. However, Fincher is also known for his work on The Social Network, which tells a fast-paced story with absolutely no murder involved. It might just work out in the end.

Do you think Fincher is a good director choice? Especially as someone so reluctant to sequels, how do you think he’ll handle World War Z 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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