Ian McShane Joins Hellboy Reboot

The Hellboy reboot is slowly filling out its cast list and the latest addition is Ian McShane. He is known most recently for his work in American Gods as the mysterious Mr. Wednesday, a Norse god you might not guess until the very end just which one he is. Though author Neil Gaiman has plenty of skillfully disguised clues in the books, if you care to take one more look. Nothing is ever what it seems.Ian McShane Joins Hellboy Reboot

McShane also starred in the John Wick series as the esteemed hotel owner that so often hosts the assassins within the movies. The actor certainly has the blue eyed steel to get through such a role and convey exactly the right atmosphere the hotel needs.

All that said, McShane will be taking on the role of Professor Broom. No pun intended, he won’t be playing the part of an actual broom. No, the Professor is Hellboy’s adoptive father. Hopefully he is the exception to the usual trope of superheroes having no parentage of any kind, adopted or not.

The Hellboy reboot is based on Mike Mignola’s comic book series and this particular movie will be titled Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen. The latter is of course a sorceress out to destroy humankind, as most villains are keen to do. It wouldn’t be a comic book movie without one over the top villain after all.

Neil Marshall is directing the movie. He is known for his work on The Descent and even Game of Thrones for a few episodes. With the high production quality of the latter, Hellboy is sure to get the same spectacular treatment.

The Hellboy reboot will begin filming in September of this year. And before your sure all that green space is in Vancouver, it will actually be filmed in the UK and Bulgaria of all places. We’re sure to get some very nice old buildings and cityscapes out of such beautiful locations.

Producing the film will be Larry Gordon and Lloyd Levin, with the help of Dark Horse Entertainment’s man Mike Richardson.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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