Men in Black 4 Trailer Shows Us the New Class of Agents

The Men in Black 4 trailer, officially titled Men in Black: International, has arrived. We’ve known for a while that Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson would be leading this soft reboot. But today marks the first time that we get to see the duo of Agent H and Agent M in action.

Tessa Thompson looks to be taking on the mantle of Will Smith’s Agent J. She seems to be a new recruit with a rough edge about her that is likely a rule breaker of sorts. Hemsworth doesn’t exactly replicate the gritty exterior of Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K though. Instead, he looks to be the golden child of the agency, and takes Agent M under his wing. Liam Neeson is the leader of the group and serves as the UK’s Head of MIB.

The Men in Black 4 trailer looks as though it’s promising the fun-filled alien action that we’re used from the prior movies in the series. There are plenty of obnoxious extra terrestrials, as well as fist fights and gun fights with the creatures that the UK’s MIB has been tasked with tracking down.

There’s also a fun little reference to the original Men in Black trilogy within the Men in Black 4 trailer. As Liam Neeson is giving the trailer’s initial monologue, he states that there are “agents in every major city around the world” with “some more decorated than others. And as he says this there’s a portrait on the wall that replicates the battle in the first Men in Black that saw Will Smith’s Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K take on the giant cockroach, Egger, just beside the Universal Studios globe.

The Men in Black 4 trailer certainly left a good impressive for those that were skeptical about handing the series off to Hemsworth and Thompson. We’ll know for sure how it turns out when the film hits theaters on June 14th.

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