Watch Detective Pikachu Consume Ryan Reynolds’ Life

As a teaser for the new Pokémon: Detective Pikachu trailer that releases tomorrow, Ryan Reynolds shares how preparing for his role as Detective Pikachu has completely consumed his life.

Reynolds shared a behind the scenes video on social media and YouTube parodying Inside the Actors Studio called, Outside the Actors Studio.

He spends the video discussing how “[he] vanish[es] into [his] roles” and Detective Pikachu was no different. Watch Reynolds describe his year as Detective Pikachu in the video below.

Among some of the most hilarious moments, Reynolds described how he tried to literally become Detective Pikachu, magnifying glass and all.

I immersed myself completely within the world of Pokemon. I read about [Pikachu]. I lived at his height. I tried to lose 182 pounds to match his weight until the doctors intervened.

We even get a few glimpses into what the process looked like, with Reynolds reading what appears to be a children’s book about Pokemon (the kind you’d buy at the elementary school book fair, mostly for the stickers). As well as a shot of Reynolds pressing his open mouth and the side of his face against a Pokeball, although this image evokes more questions than answers.

Overall, it’s a playful promotional video that highlights the outlandish charisma Ryan Reynolds has an actor. And it’s a trait we can expect to see him carry over into his role as Detective Pikachu when the film, inspired by the Detective Pikachu game on the Nintendo 3DS, hits theaters on May 10, 2019.

This live-action adaptation will involve this Pikachu teaming up with a young boy named Tim Goodman, who is actually able to understand what this Pikachu is saying. Together, Detective Pikachu and Tim to solve some serious mysteries together.

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