Full Aladdin Trailer Finally Takes Our Wishes Seriously

With Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin hitting theaters in just a couple of months, fans have been waiting for a legitimate reason to get excited for the live action adaptation. And with the first full Aladdin trailer that Disney release today, we finally have just that.

The full Aladdin trailer delivers a little bit of everything. We get to see Aladdin acting as the street rat we know and love. And the character uses some impressive parkour to evade the soldiers of Agrabah that are hot on his heels.

Abu is in tow with the titular character, of course. And we also get to see the moment that Aladdin first spots Jasmine from afar. We cut to Marwan Kenzari as Jafar, luring Aladdin into entering the Cave of Wonders for him with promises of making the street rat rich. “Rich enough to impress a princess” he tempts. All Aladdin has to do is retrieve a lamp.

He does, of course. Though he can’t help but rub the lamp himself to quell his curiosity. And out pops Will Smith’s Genie, looking markedly better than the last time we got a look at him in blue. We then get just a snippet of “Friend Like Me”, a song and dance that certainly seems worth looking forward to.

We then get a bit of the dynamic between Aladdin and the Genie on display. Aladdin is trying to feel out how the whole three wishes dynamic works, mostly in an effort to woo Jasmine. And the Genie, to his credit, is aiding he along in the process.

Another music number is teased, this time “A Whole New World”. Aladdin takes Jasmine by the hand. “Do you trust me?” he asks. The the duo hop aboard the magic carpet and begin their flight.

Then a montage rounds the trailer out, showing various moment from the film. And it all rounds out with a massive version of Iago, presumably enhanced by the Genie in Jafar’s control, chasing Aladdin through the skies of Agrabah as he flees atop his magic carpet.

Likely the final full Aladdin trailer, the footage does an excellent job of providing a few of the set pieces that can get fans of the original looking forward to this new live action adaptation. We’ll see if the film turns out as magical as we hope on May 24th.

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