Final Brightburn Trailer Preps Us for Unstoppable Evil

With the superhero horror flick hitting theaters on Friday, Screen Gems has rolled out their final Brightburn trailer. It’s essentially just repackaged footage of everything we’ve seen marketed before, but strung together it seems to land a much more devastating blow.

The final Brightburn trailer begins with the waitress we’ve seen in footage before locked within her restaurant’s walk-in refrigerator. She gruesomely pulls the glass out of her eye only to have Brandon blast through the thick metallic door protecting her and attack.

During the waitress’ demise, we hear Elizabeth Banks’ Tori Breyer pleading with Brandon, saying “Whatever you’ve done… I know there is good in you.” The audio is very clearly from two different sources, but the meaning is the same. She’s losing her side to whatever evil resides within him. And once he’s gone completely, we’re all screwed.

The police are now at the Breyer home, likely later in the film. There’s a female officer seemingly there to protect Tori as she hides beneath a bed. It doesn’t take long before Brandon dispatches of her.

We then cut to a back road where we see Matthew Jones’ character freaking out as he’s witnessing a boy in costume floating in the air. Brandon then elevates Jones’ truck high into the air before sending it plummeted back down to face first.

There’s then a quick montage of various moments building up to Brandon’s evil intentions. Then back to the house where another officer calls Tori out from hiding declaring the area now safe. But it very much isn’t.

The officer is taken out in a flash, and then we see Brandon flying through his home causing mass destruction as Tori screams watching on in horror. The final Brightburn trailer then concludes with Brandon telling Tori, “I wanna do good, Mom. I do.” But something tells me he won’t.

Written by Mark and Brian Gunn with James Gunn and Kenneth Huang producing, David Yarovesky’s Brightburn terrorizes theaters Friday.

Source Bloody Disgusting
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