Gears of War Movie Announced in Partnership with Universal

The Gears of War movie that fans have been asking for is coming. Now we just have to find four actors that are bigger in physique than Dwayne Johnson.

In partnership with Universal Pictures, the Gears of War was announced during the Gears of War 4 live event. No writer or director has been attached to the project.

Ted and Central Intelligence producer Scott Stuber will work alongside Dylan Clark (Planet of the Apes and Oblivion) to produce the upcoming movie. The film will be made under Universal’s Bluegrass Films.

Without any additional information on a release date or story, all we can do is speculate. With four mainline games to pull from, there are a lot of possibilities. A Gears of War movie could be an interpretation of the first game. Maybe it’s all four combined. Even more interesting would be a completely new story within the franchise. There’s a lot to work off of.

What worries us is what history has taught us about video game movies. They are not good. In fact, they are pretty bad. What gives us hope is that Stuber and Clark have produced for some high-quality movies. While this doesn’t ensure a masterpiece, it’s a start.

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