WATCH: Marvel and Funko Team Up for Rocket and Groot Short

Marvel and Funko have recently teamed up for a series of animated shorts starring characters from the movies. The second, starring Rocket and Groot, has just released.

In Bait N Switch, Baby Groot is trapped in the hands of the Collector. Luckily, Rocket Raccoon is there to rescue him. The short feels very reminiscent of an old Looney Toons cartoon.

As you could probably guess, the characters are designed to look like their corresponding Funko figures. Overall, the animated quality is surprisingly good. Each character looks like their physical counterpart. You can tell that enough money was put to good use.

The first short from Marvel and Funko released last week. Titled Spellbound, the short featured Spider-Man and Iron Man facing off against Loki. Another short will be releasing next week and will be called Chimichangas. If you couldn’t guess already, this one will feature Deadpool as he faces off against Venom.

These animated shorts are a clever collaboration between Marvel and Funko. With the popularity of the Marvel characters, these videos can help promote Funko figures to a younger audience.

If there is one that we are certain of, it’s that we need to add Baby Groot to out collection. Coincidentally enough, he’s on sale over on Amazon.

Buy Baby Groot here.

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