Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-Ray Release Announced

Star Wars Blu RayStar Wars: The Force Awakens has been breaking record after record since its release, so it is really no surprise that we’ll have to wait quite a bit before we can hold the blu-ray in our pretty little hands. Most recently, they became the fastest movie ever to make $1 billion in the box office in just 12 days.

With that kind of success, it is no wonder that they would reveal the Blu-Ray’s release date so early. Accoring to, you will find it in stores on April 5th for $29.99. If you want to save $5, you can already pre-order The Force Awakens on Amazon for $24.99.

Since this is the first Star Wars films to be created by someone who grew up with the franchise. we can expect some pretty great bonus features on the disc. Of course there will be the regular behind-the-scenes look as well as a few deleted scenes, but imagine what else we might see. J.J Abrams is like us when it comes to his love for the original trilogy. His bonus commentary would be full of his love and admiration towards Lucas’ films. With all the fan service we got in the film, Abrams could explain what went into his decisions for what he wanted in the film.

With just over 3 months until Star Wars: The Force Awakens releases on Blu-Ray on April 5th, you better start working on your home theater system.

Pre-order Star Wars the Force Awakens on Blu-Ray here.

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