Captain America: Civil War – Martin Freeman’s Role Revealed

captain america: civil warWith just months away until release, Captain America: Civil War, we are starting to find out more about its star-studded cast.

Usually when an actor’s role is kept mysterious, they are assumed to be a villain. This has become especially true in Marvel movies. This time however, it doesn’t seem to be that black and white.

It was revealed today at Empire that Martin Freeman will be playing Everett Ross in the next Captain America film. He will be part of the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre. This is the organization that is trying to tighten the leash on Captain America and Bucky.

In the comic books, Everett Brooks is traditionally the man that the US government has stationed in Wakanda. With Black Panther making his reveal in Civil War, it is safe to assume that Brooks will have even more to do in the standalone Black Panther movie.captain america civil war 2In the above still from Captain America: Civil War, you can see that Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) and Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) are standing alongside the German SWAT team. By bringing Chris Evans back to Germany, co-director Joe Russo is saying this will bring him “full circle.” Bringing him back where it all began will certainly be emotional for our titular hero.

For more on the latest Marvel news, check back in as Captain America: Civil War nears its May 6 release.

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