The Next Spider-Man: All Signs Pointing to Asa Butterfield

Update 6/23/15: Marvel and Sony have unveiled that Asa is not the new Spider-Man, but the role will actually go to Tom Holland.

Original story:

It looks as though Marvel and Sony are setting their eyes on the next, young Spider-Man, and according to a new report, it looks like it will be none other than Asa Butterfield, best known to us as Ender from Ender’s Game.

Currently just 18 year old, Butterfield’s name appears to be the frontrunner for the Spider-Man redux role, apparently beating out other rumored candidates, Nat Wolff, Tom Holland, Timothee Chalamet and Liam James. And according to Latino Review, Marvel says that they’ve “liked him since day one.”

There has been no official confirmation just yet from Marvel or Sony, but they will have to fill the role rather quickly, being that the new Peter Parker is scheduled to appear in Captain America: Civil War in May of next year.

Asa Butterfield as Spider-Man is definitely an intriguing choice. His role as Ender Wiggin in 2013’s Ender’s Game was memorable, and he was also great in Ten Thousand Saints earlier this year.

This would likely mean that the next Spider-Man movie will have nothing to do with Miles Morales, which will certainly be a disappointment for fans to learn. Still, we will keep you posted on more Spider-Man news as it happens.

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