WATCH: Lucifer Movie Trailer

Occasionally, a movie flies under our radar. Don’t blame us, though — blame the lack of marketing behind a film (we’re movie nuts, so we traverse the deepest depths of the web every day to find new and upcoming movies and games to share with our readers, so if we don’t find it, it likely doesn’t exist yet). So, we were more than happy to receive this Lucifer movie trailer for the upcoming 2016 horror movie because, frankly, it looks like one hell of a movie (no pun intended).

Lucifer will follow the story of a young caretaker who writes the chilling story of a patient haunted by the devil, only to find her family is being tormented by the demonic being. The film will star Ryan Kelley (Teen Wolf), Jessica Morris (who has an extensive resume of TV appearances and B-tier Movies), Peter Murnik (The PaperboyTransformers: Dark of the Moon), and Chocolate Rain creator Tay Zonday. The film is being helmed by Tiffany Castro, and it will be her feature-length directorial debut.

This first trailer gives a haunting look at who we can only assume to be our protagonist, as she explores a dark house, only to find a noisy door. The trailer is well-done, and it had me on edge.

There’s no word on a Lucifer movie release date, but know that it has nothing to do with the crappy Fox drama that debuted earlier this year. For more on Lucifer and other horror films, stay tuned to Nerd Much.

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