WATCH: New Independence Day Resurgence Trailer

Independence Day Resurgence doesn’t look to be holding anything back as a sequel to such a beloved sci-fi movie. Each trailer gets us even more excited.

As you can see from the this short trailer, there are a number of new scenes. We also finally get a look at Brent Spiner’s character!

This sequel brings our alien antagonists back on a big scale. This time, it is not just America that is in trouble, but the entirety of Earth. Using alien technology, the nations of the world have worked together to create a global defense program against extra-terrestrial life. After this fails against their unprecedented force, a new team of men and women have to put their minds together to save the planet from ultimate destruction.

So far, Resurgence looks like it retains just enough campy material to make the outlandish story as compelling as the original. With many of the original cast returning, you can bet on there being heaps of nostalgia throughout.

Independence Day Resurgence releases in theaters on June 24.

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