World War Z Delayed Out of 2017 As Expected

It looks like Paramount Pictures isn’t quite ready with their World War Z sequel, as the studio has announced that they’re pulling two of their biggest projects off of the 2017 calendar, World War Z 2 being one of them.World War Z 2 delayed

The other, according to The Wrap, is the Friday the 13th reboot that was previously scheduled for October 2017. Instead, Paramount has placed Jennifer Lawrence’s mother! (stylized, for the record) in its spot, giving the film the October 13th, premiere date.

Of course, we’re honestly not all too surprised to see World War Z 2 pushed out of 2017, since we haven’t heard much about the upcoming zombie movie since the film lost its director in Janaury 2016. Last we knew, a director was still being sought.

We are, however, a bit surprised to see Friday the 13th get the boot, despite its courtroom drama in 2016.

Unfortunately, the two movies were not given new release dates, but we’d expect to see World War Z 2 (hopefully still with Brad Pitt in tow) hit in the summer of 2018, with Friday the 13th releasing in October.

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