Top Five Gaming Laptops Before Xmas

As we enter the last few weeks before Christmas, you may want to think about buying that new laptop you’re looking to give away (or horde for yourself) in order to get it shipped free in time for the holidays. If that new laptop needs to be ready for a gaming purpose we’ve got you covered. After scouring the net for laptop deals we’ve come up with the top five based on discounts. Some are high end, some on the lighter side of gaming — but all capable at least of firing up Civilization VI without getting the blue screen of death shortly thereafter.


How often do you get the opportunity to clip a $1,000 off coupon code? You can do so at Lenovo this weekend on their premium Y900 gaming laptop spec’d with a GTX 980M GPU and a crazy high end Core i7-6820HK processor slashing the price from the $2,500 list price to $1,499.99. The price drop is actually $500 cheaper than Cyber Monday and gets you a rockin’ gaming laptop capable of playing any modern title at high res.

Also, on the high end side of gaming laptops is the Alienware 17 at Best Buy. This weekend their GTX 1070 equipped Alienware 17 just fell from $1.800 to $1,650 – a new low by $150. Finding an Alienware 17 with a GTX 1070 at Dell (Dell owns Alienware) would cost you at least $2,000.

On the lighter side of gaming laptops, we’ve got the 2016 released Lenovo 700 getting a coupon discount to $669.99. This 15.6-inch laptop only comes with a GTX 950M, which is plenty gaming capable but maybe not on max settings, comes equipped with other useful specs like a fast booting 256GB SSD, Quad Core i5 processor, and 12GB RAM.

Slightly further down the list is the Dell Inspiron 15 equipped with a GTX 960M GPU and a 1TB hard drive. After coupon at Dell this drop to $650, which is the lowest price to date by $50 and $150 off the usual $800 Dell charges.

Last on the list is a more portable option, the 14-inch Lenovo Y700. Now, after the coupon, the price drops to $623.99 — the cheapest gaming laptop on our list this week. A full $26 cheaper than Cyber Monday.

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