Overwatch’s Latest Tweaking Limits Mercy’s Resurrection

Mercy, one of Overwatch‘s most popular Support Heroes, is undergoing some tweaking during Blizzard’s latest testing. And the tweaking doesn’t have everyone in the community pleased.

Mercy’s Resurrect ability grants her the power to revive a fallen ally on the battlefield. It then enters into a cooldown phase after use. Her ultimate ability is known as Valkyrie. It boost’s Mercy’s healing and attack stats, her firing rate, gives her unlimited ammunition, and it even eliminates the cooldown timer of her Resurrect ability. Or at least it used to.

Within Blizzard’s latest Public Test Realm, fans have discovered that Mercy’s Valkyrie ultimate no longer resets the character’s Resurrect ability. A change that drastically adjusts the one of the most significant values of the character. Reaction appears mixed within the forum, but the mood seems to trending towards the negative.

Josh Engen, Community Manager over at Blizzard, confirmed the adjustments. He stated that the tweaks are currently in testing, so they could be reverted back to their old stats. But Mercy’s Valkyrie move “no longer resets or lowers Resurrection’s cooldown. Instead it now doubles Resurrection’s range.”

Mercy’s change occurs when there’s likely to be an influx of players remerging within the game. Overwatch is poised to begin their popular second annual Halloween Terror Event on October 10th which will run through November 2nd. While the changes are currently just in the Public Test Realm, it’s unclear whether Blizzard hopes to roll the modifications to the game proper prior to the event’s launch next week.

Hopefully whatever changes are final with Mercy are for the betterment of the game as a whole. The results of Mercy’s usage in the Public Test Realm should bear that out. Then, when her changes are final, we’ll see the true value of the character when she enters the fray of The Halloween Terror Event next week.

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