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Portal Knights Adventurer’s Update Goes Live for PC

The Adventurer's Update, live now, brings a ton of new NPCs, items and improvements to Portal Knights.

Portal Knights may not be a household name, but it’s certainly striving to be. The game has been described as a mix of Minecraft and Diablo. It’s a sandbox styled RPG that features crafting, building and combat. And with today’s Adventurer’s Update, all three departments have leveled up.

The Adventurer’s Update is a meaty one. The location known as the Warrior’s Guild has been implemented. Taking place at the legendary Fort Finch, here, you can interact with the update’s new NPCs to experience new quests and items. Water pumps, drains, a drawbridge and potted plants can all be acquired now. Offering new ways to express yourself back at your home island.

Dedicated servers are now an option too. As well is the ability to cloud save your files. The Adventur’er Update also¬†enables MFi controller support now if you happen to be playing the game on mobile.

The dungeons within the game have seen improvements too. Mostly in the loot department. Keen Games states that “Courageous and brave players will be handsomely rewarded by discovering new treasure chests only available in the deepest, darkest corners of dungeons.”

Besting those dungeons should be a little easier now as Portal Knights’ combat system has been updated too. Over 20 new weapons are being introduced across various classes in addition to improvements to the weapon crafting system in general.

A new feature is also being added in which you can bring the game’s various NPCs back with you to your home world following quests. This is not only convenient, but it also helps liven up your vacant locale into something more akin to a proper town. Pets are even being included too.

Keen Games and 505 Games also revealed a spring event that’s hitting the game. The Spring Festival will celebrate the Chinese New Year and runs through March 5th. You’re tasked with helping the Emperor solve mysterious problems that have been troubling the island of late. You’ll of course be handsomely rewarded for your troubles.

Successfully completing quests will earn you Spring Festival themed items. You can even get yourself a pet panda or dragon too. Not to mention the possibility of unlocking a brand new themed island.

The Portal Knights Adventurer’s update is only live for PC and mobile. The game is also available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. However, the update won’t land on the console side of things until some point later¬†down the line.