Resident Evil Show Coming to Netflix


After spanning two dozen games and half a dozen films, the Resident Evil series has found a new home – television. A new report has come out which states that a Resident Evil show is coming to Netflix.

Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva broke the news yesterday evening on the development of a Netflix Resident Evil show. Andreeva states that details are slim at this point, but the series would be based loosely upon the same mythology Capcom has instilled within the game franchise, which later influenced the series’ feature films.

The report indicates that Netflix’s Resident Evil show will be developed as a drama which “will explore the dark inner workings of the Umbrella Corporation and the new world order caused by the outbreak of the T-virus.” It was also noted that the Resident Evil show would incorporate many signature elements from the game series, including action sequences and Easter eggs.

Names have yet to be attached to the Resident Evil show. Netflix is apparently still looking for a showrunner to get the ball rolling. But the series will be a global original for the streaming platform with German production company Constantin Film set to distribute.

There were rumblings of a potential reboot of the Resident Evil film series since mid 2017. Constantin chairman Martin Moszkowicz confirmed as much in an interview at the time. And at one point James Wan had been announced to produce the reboot with a script that would be penned by Greg Russo. The film reboot has since never materialized. And with a Resident Evil show coming to Netflix, it will likely remain dormant.

It’s certainly good timing to tease information out to the public about a potential Resident Evil show for Netflix. The Resident Evil 2 remake just launched today and has earned pretty outstanding reviews across the board.

Hopefully Netflix can do for Capcom’s Resident Evil what they did for Konami’s Castlevania and develop a hit project that stays true to the source material, while actually making the overall lore less convoluted.