Riders of Asgard: A Vikings BMX Game You Didn’t Know You Wanted Until Now

riders of asgard

We’ve all been clamoring for a new viking-themed game of some sort for awhile now, and we’ve also all been complaining that there hasn’t been a BMX game in a long time. Now, Gobbo Games aims to bring the two concepts together with Riders of Asgard, a viking BMX game.

Riders of Asgard aims to be a fun and challenging viking BMX game that’s “historically accurate” (you know, because vikings rode BMX bikes). We’re pretty sure it’s only viking-themed so that Gobbo Games can say “Biking Viking” — which is fine by us, given the fact that it looks simply fun.

The game is running on Unreal Engine 4, and Gobbo Games plans to make it a much more formidable game than its current alpha state.

There’s currently an alpha demo of Riders of  Asgard available now, and it’s on Steam Greenlight right now, and hopefully we’ll see it make its way to other platforms soon — it has console game written all over it.

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