RIF6 Cube Smartphone Projector

Watching videos on your little smartphone isn’t ideal. Sure, mobile screens are getting bigger, but they’re still not big enough (at least, in our expert movie-watcher’s opinion). But you don’t always have a bigger screen available. Now, there’s a mobile smartphone projector small enough so that it can be carried around with you on the go. Introducing the RIF6 Cube, a pocket size projector that’s able to provide a bigger viewing experience when you want it most.

The Cube is a great solution for watching movies on the go, at hotels, while traveling, at the office, or for education purposes. It’s a completely autonomous projection system that not only projects your smartphone onto any flat surface, but it also has its own loud speaker for sound. With the RIF6 Cube, you’re able to create a movie theater hangout experience wherever you and your friends are. You can use it for Netflix binge sessions or for playing games on your smartphone (just add a controller for the ultimate impromptu gaming session). The Cube uses a propietary LED digital based light source that can last for up to 20,000 hours. Best of all, you’re not getting some crumby projection with it. Instead, it’s capable of projecting full 1080p HD video with a brightness of 50 Lumens. It’s one of the highest-reviewed projector for your smartphone on Amazon.

Price: $279.00 (7% off MSRP)

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