Rumor: Starfield, New Sci-Fi RPG, is Bethesda’s New IP

A user on 4chan, who dubs himself a “leaker at Bethesda,” has made a list of quite a few exciting details about what we can expect from Bethesda at E3. And he seems to go beyond what we can reasonably expect from them as well.Rumor: Starfield, New Sci-Fi RPG, is Bethesda's New IP

The long rumored Starfield is mentioned first. Apparently it has been in production since Fallout 3 and will be a “sci-fi open world RPG.” There will be 5-10 alien races and takes place in the Fallout universe, though apparently so far from Earth that the detail is neglectable. The idea here, according to the user, is that Starfield will connect with every Bethesda frnachise with some “wacky” justifications for lore inconsistencies.

The said, the order of the timeline is supposed to be Fallot at the start, then Starfield, and then Elder Scrolls. We shall see exactly how a medieval-based time period game will be something that can happen after Fallout. Nonetheless, Starfield will have plenty of space travel within a hub of worlds. The user compares this open world to Minecraft, where one does as one pleases without much consequence.

Other than Starfield, we are to expect a Game of Thrones related title, preproduction of Elder Scrolls 6, and conceptual for Elder Scrolls 7. Elder Scrolls 6 will apparently feature a settlement system like Fallout 4 set in Akavir.

We even get plot details from this poster for Elder Scrolls 6, who summarizes that “the plot with have players take the role of a prisoner sent on an imperial colonial ship to Akavir.” Player character customization is apparently updated to include four new races, including an Asiatic human, a monkey humanoid, humanoid tiger, and humanoid snake (also described by the user as a “parasite race”). Elder Scrolls 7 gets a few details too, taking place in Tamriel and will feature “full destructibility.”

Rather heavy as rumors go, and a grain of salt must be always be present. It is 4chan, after all, where everything began. Take that how you please in this context. However it does seem plausible enough to be worth considering and certainly quite a few things to look forward to come E3 2017.



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