Session Early Access and Xbox Game Preview Release Date Pushed to Spring


While fans around the globe are clamoring for EA to make Skate 4, the developers at crea-ture Studios are actually making a new skateboarding game happen. The crew has been quiet since dropping a trailer at Microsoft’s Xbox One E3 briefing, but that’s now changed. And we have new information on the Session Early Access and Xbox Game Preview release dates.

The team at creat-ture recently revised Session’s Kickstarter page to update fans on all the action behind the scenes. And there’s been quite a lot. The developer has been hiring additional staff to help further production on the game. And Kickstarter rewards are steadily being doled out.

But some of the biggest news coming from crea-ture in regards to Session’s development is the financial accolades it’s been reeling in. In June the studio earned an Unreal Dev Grant. And in July, crea-ture was approved for capitol via the Canadian Media Fund.

This was a big step for crea-ture and Session’s status. The developers state that “This extra money allowed us to re-scope the Early Access in order to make a better version and gave us more breathing room at the same time.” That breathing room results in the Session Early Access and Xbox Game Preview dates being pushed. It’s now being slated for Q2 2019.

While the Session Early Access and Xbox Game Preview dates are being pushed into spring, there’s no word on when we’ll get the game on PlayStation 4. On their Kickstarter page, crea-ture confirmed that they had negotiated with Microsoft so that the game would be a 3 month console exclusive on Xbox One. So whenever the game actually launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 will likely see it 3 months after that – even though that version hasn’t officially been announced.

You can head to Session’s Kickstarter page to see all of the tweaks and updates that crea-ture has been implementing to make the Session Early Access and Xbox Game Preview launch as authentic as possible. With the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series burned out and a new Skate title just a perennial tease, Session may be the skateboarding savior we need.