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What is Snack Much? Presenting Nerd Much’s snack destination, filled with the Nerd Much Staff’s favorite snacks, ranging from artisanal candy to select coffees to new flavors of your favorite late night snacks and so much more. Each item is hand-picked by our editors, so if it’s on Snack Much?, consider it an editor’s choice.

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Coffee-Mate Cheesecake Factory

Coffee-Mate Cheesecake Factory

I’ve personally been clamoring for more Coffee-mate flavors (although I hate myself for using them in my coffee sometimes). Soon, Coffee-mate will introduce two new flavors inspired by The Cheesecake Factory: strawberry cheesecake and Dulce De Leche caramel cheesecake. There’s no word on its actual release date just yet, but Coffee-mate made the announcement yesterday. Expect to see them at your favorite grocery store soon, and stay tuned to our Instagram (we’ll snap a pic when we find them).

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snack muchHampton Farms Honey Chipotle Cashews

Cashews are always a great go-to snack, but plain cashews can be a bit boring after awhile. These Hampton Farms Honey Chipotle Cashews are anything but boring. In fact, they’ve quickly made their way into the permanent snack rotation here. They’re more sweet than spicy, but you’ll definitely feel that kick after a couple. Another heat meets sweet snack that we can’t get enough of. We picked them up at Hannaford, but we know they’re also available directly from Hampton Farms.

Buy it from Hampton Farms.

Snack Much

Epic Turkey Cranberry & Sage Strip

With Thanksgiving behind us, you might want to be about as far away from anything turkey as you possibly can — we hear you! But hear us out: these Epic Turkey, Cranberry & Sage Strips are out of this world. It’s basically turkey jerky, but of the highest quality, and it has cranberry and sage flavoring that makes it almost impossible to have just one.

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Limited Edition Apple Pie Oreos

It’s like America in Oreo form. The Oreo company has debuted their latest new Oreo cookie: the Apple pie Oreo. Instead of the classic chocolate cookie, the cookies are actually graham flavored cookies. The filling, of course, is apple pie creme filling. Available for a limited time only.

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Adagio Teas Magic Potions Collection

If there were somehow a nexus between craft tea and nerdy fandoms, Adagio Tea has found it. They’ve got quite a few fandom collections, which present intriguing tea blends for nerds to enjoy with their favorite fandoms, ranging from the obvious like Game of Thrones, Doctor Who,  and Star Wars to a bit more nuanced choices like Dragon Age, Yuri on Ice, and Stranger Things. One of their most creative offerings is the Magic Potions Harry Potter-themed teas, including flavors like Polyjuice, Veritaserum, BeerButter, Elixir of Life, and more.

Check them out directly from Adagio Teas.

yumearth organic hot chili lollipops

YumEarth Organic Hot Chili Lollipops

The mix of sweet and heat will always be appealing, and when you mix in an organic label with it all, you’ve got yourself a special snack. YumEarth has an impressive catalog of ridiculously delicious organic candy, and one of our favorites is their Organic Hot Chili Lollipops. They’re a slightly spicy twist on mango flavor.

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skittles sweet heat

Skittles Sweet Heat

Skittles will always be a polarizing candy, and of those who actually love Skittles, there are two subcategories of Skittle-eaters. There are those who take only one flavor at a time, enjoying each flavor individually, and there are those who shove handfuls of varying flavor combinations into their piehole without a second thought. Regardless of what type of Skittle-eater you are, you’ll soon have a brand new variety of Skittles to devour: Skittles Sweet Heat. It mixes sweet, fruity flavors with a spicy kick, so you get flavors like Fiery Watermelon, Blazin’ Mango, Flamin’ Orange, Sizzlin’ Strawberry and Lemon Spark.

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snack much

Shultz Brownie Filled Pretzel Nuggets

Never again will have you to choose between a decadent brownie and a crunchy pretzel as Shultz has debuted their Brownie Filled Pretzels. Crispy pretzel on the outside with a soft chocolate brownie stuffed in each bite. They’ve available in a 24 oz. container. Makes a great on-the-go snack.

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epic habanero cherry bar

Epic Beef, Habanero, Cherry & Walnut Meat Bars

Really good jerky is hard to come by, but Epic has a line of meat jerky so great that they don’t even call it jerky. Instead, they’re all called meat bars. While they have quite a few incredibly delicious flavors, the Epic Beef, Habanero, Cherry and Walnut Meat Bars are our favorite. Naturally sweet from the cherries, yet slightly spicy because of the habanero — another sweet heat treat we love to eat.

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Megpies Toaster Tarts

Take everything you know about the Pop Tart you used to eat and throw it out the window; Brooklyn’s Megpies are something different, entirely. These artisanal tarts come in a variety of flavors, including Blueberry, Strawberry, Chocolate, Mixed Berry, and more. Now, there’s a new seasonal flavor available: Caramel Apple, and it’s dreamy. Throw one in the microwave for 15 seconds, and you’ve got yourself a fresh, warm, and delightfully sweet pastry. Available direct from Megpies or at some Starbucks around the nation.

Buy it from Megpies here.

Parker's Maple Butter

Parker’s Maple Butter

As someone who went to school in Vermont, I’ve certainly had my fair share of maple everything. Fresh maple candy, maple syrup, and of course, maple smoothies (a staple at our local county fair every year). Now, there’s Parker’s Maple Butter. This sweet treat is made from 100% maple syrup and it spreads like peanut butter, and it has many uses. Use it on your toast, on a banana, on some yogurt, or as a glaze for grilled salmon.

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Sante Cardamom Cashews

Cardamom Cashews by Santé Nuts

If you’re sick of eating the same ‘ole nuts you’d find at any grocery store, might we suggest stepping your snack game up with these Cardamom Cashews by Santé Nuts. They’re sweet, but not overly so, with just a touch of pure cane sugar and citrusy cardamom dusted on rich cashews. They’re available in a 5 oz. bag, and so far, we’ve only seen them available directly from Santé (they’ve been sold out on Amazon for months).

Buy them from Santé Nuts here.

groundwork black magic coffee

Groundwork Coffee: Black Magic Blend

We take our coffee about as seriously as our TV show selection, and when it comes to espresso blends, we’re as serious as Leonardo DiCaprio’s movies. Groundwork Coffee is our new go-to for high quality coffee, and our favorite blend of theirs is the Black Magic Blend. This medium roast is slightly sweet with a bit of berry and chocolate, and it’s great for homemade lattes.

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blueberry whenever bars

Pamela’s Blueberry Lemon Whenever Bars

The combination of blueberry and lemon is one we’ll never get tired of. In fact, we’re always on the hunt for the flavor combination in our snacks. Pamela’s Blueberry Lemon Whenever Bars are a soft and chewy mix of oats, blueberry, lemon, agave, and coconut sugar that makes a great snack on the go. Super highly rated, and Snack Much? approved.

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