Spider-Man PS4 Comic on the Way from Marvel

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With the massive success that Sony and Insomniac Games saw following the release of Spider-Man for PlayStation 4, there’s no doubt that a sequel is on the way. But Marvel Comics is looking to help flesh out this Spider-Man universe themselves as well. The studio has announced that a Spider-Man PS4 comic is on the way which will retell the events of the game, with new story beats added in as well.

The Spider-Man PS4 comic will be written by Dennis Hopeless who has previously written for Jean Grey and Amazing Spider-Man. Art will be handled by Michelle Bandini, covers by Clayton Crain, and variant will come to us courtesy of David Nakayama, Gerardo Sandoval and Adi Granov.

Bill Rosemann, executive creative director of Marvel Games, released the following statement alongside the Spiderman PS4 comic announcement:

“While creating the game, the writing team’s goal was to pay homage to Spider-Man’s rich history while also shaking things up to keep players on the edge of their seats. Now we’re thrilled to see our game’s original story swing full circle and come to life in the pages of this all-new comic book series in the Mighty Marvel Manner!”

Last week, Sony and Insomniac Games confirmed that the third and final installment of The City That Never Sleeps DLC would release on later this week on Friday, January 21st. Likely to be the final content for the game, the DLC reintroduces Silver Sable as she returns to New York to take back her stolen Sable International Tech that’s currently in use by the villain, Hammerhead.

Entitled Silver Lining, the final DLC also comes with the final set of suits for the game. The final costumes include Peter Parker’s Into the Spider-Verse suit, his Cyborg Spider-Man suit, and the Aaron Aikman Spider-Armor.

Hopefully Insomniac Games is hard at work on the next installment of their new Spider-Man franchise. But for those without a PlayStation 4, at least Marvel has your back with their upcoming Spider-Man PS4 comic so that you can experience this awesome story for yourself.

Spider-Man PS4 Comic

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