Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Special Edition Includes Steelbook and Pro Controller

While many people prefer to utilize the iconic Nintendo GameCube controller while playing Super Smash Bros., the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has quickly become one of the most preferred devices in gaming. So it comes as no surprise that Nintendo is designing a Switch Pro Controller specifically to pair with the game, and will release it as part of their newly announced Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Special Edition.

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Special Edition will feature the aforementioned Pro Controller as well as a black steelbook case to fancily house the game cartridge. The steelbook case sports and a simple yet effective design of the Super Smash Bros. logo in a blaze of glory.

The Pro Controller too is elegantly designed. The controller’s handles are arctic white with the center color being a translucent dark gray. The Smash logo is then emblazoned with a lighter gray to the right just off center.

Nintendo’s website simply states to “check back for retailers” later. But for what it’s worth, Best Buy’s site is currently listing the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Special Edition for $139.99. You can also purchase the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Pro Controller for $74.99 by itself.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate certainly seems as though it will live up to its name. The newest entry in the series will bring back every character that has ever been appeared in the series. It will feature 103 stages with over 300 varieties in total. There are over 900 music tracks, new game modes and characters, and still additional things that have yet to be divulged.

Both items will likely be hard to come by, so if you’re interested we recommend securing the controller alone or the Special Edition as you see them available. Both the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Special Edition and the standalone Pro Controller will release alongside Nintendo’s fighter itself on December 7th.