The Art of Archer is a Collector’s Dream for the Series

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The Art of Archer is an upcoming collection of artwork from everyone’s favorite animated spy series. With the holiday season kicking it into full gear, this could be the perfect nerdy gift.

If you or any of your fans are big fans of Archer, this seems like an obvious choice. The Art of Archer is packed full with 240 pages of concept art, interviews, scripts, and more. What’s even better is that the book includes a foreword by Christian Slater. Whoever planned this really knew what they were doing.

There is a lot of appreciation towards the making of an episode. You can see how the characters evolved through their character sketches. Storyboards outlining key moments are in here as well. Even the show’s original pitch is included.

Throughout all this content is commentary directly from the crew behind Archer. As you look through the creative process, they offer insight into their process and history. The cast also participated with interviews detailing their favorite moments with their characters.

Each of the 240 pages is put together with care. not every artbook is created equal. Based on what we know about The Art of Archer, this one is in the right hands. If your bookshelf or coffee table is looking a bit barren these days, why don’t you fix that?

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