The Prodigy Clip Shows a Supernatural Arrival


Although it was only publicly announced about a year ago, The Prodigy is gearing up for a theatrical release next month. And to get horror fans exciting, Orion Pictures has dropped their first clip for the movie which showcases the arrival of something supernatural.

As far as a plot goes, The Prodigy follows a young boy named Miles, a child who shows signs of being quite gifted with intelligence. Miles is played by Jackson Robert Scott in the horror flick. You may recognize the child actor as Georgie in the recent remake of Stephen King’s It.

Co-leading the film with Jackson Robert Scott is his mother in the movie, Sarah. With Sarah is played by Orange is the New Black‘s Taylor Schilling. In today’s The Prodigy clip we see Sarah approaching Miles’ bed in the middle of the night. Although it isn’t seen, the child was likely screaming out in his sleep, inciting Sarah’s investigation.

After a few moments, we’re nailed with a jump scare as Miles raises from his bed. “There’s someone in here,” Miles tells his mother. “He’s in here,” he reiterates. Miles’ mother tries to assure him that he was having a bad dream. To which he responds, “No, he’s in here” as the child disturbingly points towards his head.

The Prodigy is coming to us from director Nicholas McCarthy. McCarthy has a track record in the horror genre with previous efforts including 2012’s The Pact and 2014’s At the Devil’s Door. Jeff Buhler is credited as the writer for the upcoming movie.

The Prodigy was originally titled The Descendants when it was first announced. So, that may give us a bit of insight as to what the core plot is for the movie. We’ll know for sure what supernatural force has come knocking when the project arrives in theaters on February 8th.

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