The Simpsons Zombie Plush by Kidrobot

Springfield is filled with all sorts of weirdness, like, for one, how its inhabitants mostly have yellow skin, or the fact that only God and Jesus have five fingers in the show. And when The Simpsons‘ overall weirdness is paired with the fact that they have one of the most celebrated animated horror TV episodes every October, we weren’t too surprised to see these Simpsons Zombie Plush Toys in our news feed.

They’re made by designer toymaker Kidrobot, which has created a zombie plush toy based on each of the five members of the Simpsons family. There’s a zombie Bart, Lisa, Homer, Maggie, and Marge.

Each plush measures roughly 7 1/2-inches tall, and they’re recommended for ages 8 and up. Although, to be honest, if you’re letting your 8 year old watch The Simpsons you’ve probably got some issues to sort out.

It may look like they want brains, but really, they just want hugs and cuddles.

Hopefully, this is just the first line of Simpsons-themed zombie toys from Kidrobot, as we’d love to see some of the series’ other characters as well. We LOVED what Kidrobot did with Milhouse a couple years ago, so hopefully, they’ll be bringing some of the less prominent characters into zombie plush form soon.

These Simpsons Zombie Plush Toys are available through Entertainment Earth for $11.99 each or on Amazon starting at $11.99. For more great zombie gifts, we’ve got you covered here at Nerd Much?.

Price: $11.99


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