Eternal Kings Game: Kickstarter Live Now

The game of Chess is an undeniable classic, but as is the case with classic games, companies steer away from trying to improve it with new elements in fear of being dropkicked by those who love the original. But now there’s Rolando Issa, the fearless creator of Eternal Kings — a brand new and super exciting take on Chess that the Nerd Much? crowd is most certainly going to love.eternal kings game

Eternal Kings is a 1v1 card game that plays, at its core, like a game of Chess, on a Chess-like board with a Chess-like game flow. But, the kicker here is that instead of physical rooks and pawns, players build rows of unique characters with unique decks (chosen from four total realms: Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Wisdom). If it sounds like Magic the Gathering meets classic Chess, well then, that’s exactly what it feels like.

Each card in the deck has unique abilities, complete with movement rules and added elements like healing, card buffs, the ability to move through other cards, etc. This will, of course, play into the stratagizing of a match of Eternal Kings, with so many different card combinations available and unique ways to try to get a win.

There are also special ability cards that come into play, and when those are mixed with the abilities of the cards on the table, every game will have a unique feel with an unpredictable outcome.

Like in Chess, you’ll win by taking out your opponent’s king, and there are many different ways to take down the rest of his army to score that sweet, sweet victory.

Eternal Kings just hit Kickstarter this morning, and we’ve had a copy here at the Nerd Much? office for about a week. We’ve LOVED our first few playthroughs, and we’re going to have a full review live on Wednesday (so be sure to come back then).

For now, head over to the official Eternal Kings Kickstarter for more information.

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