Marvel’s Squirrel Girl TV Series Coming Soon

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Squirrel Girl is going to be joining Marvel’s New Warriors TV series. It will be a 10-part, 30 minute live-action comedy, showcased first on the Freeform channel.

Thus far, Kevin Biegel is in the works to write the script, but no word yet on directors or a release date, other than sometime next year. There are plenty of details about the story of Squirrel Girl, however.

The show will focus on Doreen Green’s adventures as Squirrel Girl with five other friends (as yet unnamed). Squirrel Girl is a part of the New Warriors Marvel comic series, the child-friendly version of The Avengers. Less dark and world-ending, and more a light-hearted journey to growing up.

The New Warriors “want to make a difference in the world” but at the same time, struggle with the usual dull struggles of becoming an adult in the context of love and careers.

Even the most adult of us all have yet to figure out that balance (if anyone says they have found that balance, they’re lying), and being a superhero would only complicate things further.

It certainly sounds like a kind-hearted and sweet show for teenagers and adults alike. I think we all need a strong dose of humor after borderline psychological horror film that seemed to be the theme of the last few superhero movies, like Civil War.

Will you be looking forward to Squirrel Girl and all her quirkiness? Let us know in the comments below!

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