Watch: Outcast Trailer, Created by Robert Kirkman

It is rare that a creator can strike lightning twice. After watching the new Outcast trailer though, we believe Robert Kirkman has done just that.

Kirkman has become quite famous for creating The Walking Dead. Even if you haven’t enjoyed the comic, show, game, board game, or spin-off series, we are fairly confident you have at least heard of it. This zombie juggernaut has spread through pop culture faster than an actual zombie outbreak.

Sticking with what he knows best, Kirkman’s new series focuses on a different kind of horror with Outcast. The new Cinemax series is based off of another critically-acclaimed comic book. It focuses on Kyle Barnes (played by Patrick Fugit), a man with plenty of demons. For his entire life, anyone he has become close to has become possessed by demons. This has made him a bit of a loner in recent years.

If you loved The Walking Dead, but crave something that doesn’t involve zombies, this show may be for you. We love the look that the Outcast trailer is going for. And if you’re worried about the show’s scared becoming cheesy, just remember that a smaller budget is often better for horror creativity.

Outcast premieres in just a couple of weeks on June 3. For now, enjoy the exclusive series poster from Entertainment Weekly. We love the classic look!outcast trailer

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