Iron Fist Season 2 Trailer Debuts Steel Serpent

With the release of our first full Iron Fist Season 2 trailer, it looks as though Danny Rand has finally met his equal.

Today’s newest Iron Fist Season 2 trailer begins with Colleen voicing her concern to Danny regarding how often he’s out roaming the streets as the vigilante, Iron Fist. “I see you pushing yourself” she says. “Just trying to keep the peace” he responds.

Rand is seen defending the streets from various thugs, many armed, and takes them out as his fist glows yellow with relative ease. “I didn’t ask to be the Iron Fist” he mentions. But as we’ll see soon, some people clearly did.

We’re then reintroduced to Davos. We met the character in Season 1. He trained with a young Danny Rand as they both grew up within the K’un-Lun clan. We see flashbacks to when the boys were teens. Both beating the shit out of one enough to prove who of the two were the better warrior. “We have things to discuss” Davos tells Danny.

It becomes clear what Davos is looking for. He’s jealous that Danny was gifted the abilities of the Iron Fist and he was left without. At some point within the season he defeats Danny. Shirtless, we see the Iron Fist emblem on Davos’ back. “Now you’ll give me what is mine, brother.” He gently places his thumb on Danny’s forehead, and in our next shot Davos’ hand begins to glow read. The Steel Serpent is born.

At this point Danny clearly needs aid to defeat his former ally. Colleen recruits Misty Knight, fresh off of her adding new abilities to her arsenal within the events of Luke Cage Season 2. The trio then form an alliance to help take down the Steel Serpent and whatever overarching scheme he’s plotting.

The Iron Fist Season 2 trailer looks promising. But hey, it shouldn’t take much to outdo Season 1. The second season begins streaming on Netflix September 7th.

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