Sling Unable to Keep Up With Pretty Little Liars Finale

Last night was supposed to be a big night for Pretty Little Liars fans. In fact, it was supposed to be the biggest night of the series because viewers were expected to actually (finally) see who A really is. But if you were one of the unfortunate many who planned to watch PLL on ABC Family using your Sling TV account, you didn’t get to see it, as the service went down in the first few minutes of the episode.

We don’t have any official ratings for last night’s episode just yet, but undoubtedly, ABC Family had millions of viewers at 8PM EST when the service went down.

Angered fans took to social media to voice their rage to Sling’s official Twitter and Facebook pages, without realizing that their night was about to be ruined even further, thanks to the official ABC Family social media pages posting the major spoiler that many fans couldn’t help but see in their feeds.

Having your favorite show spoiled by its network’s social media pages is no laughing matter, but while it was unfortunate that many of your nights were spoiled, the backlash on Twitter was truly hilarious to read.

This isn’t the first time Sling has had issues with ABC Family on Tuesday nights. Users have experienced some significant problems with the streaming TV service — albeit not as major as last night’s fiasco — where episodes would skip, buffer or shut off entirely during PLL. Even when you set ABC Family aside, Sling has some kinks to still work out. There are many customers using fast connections that still get poor quality streams and buffering throughout the day.

From what we understand, many fans were also angered at the actual A reveal anyway, but we didn’t get to see it yet (we were planning to watch it on Sling). Oh well, it looks like we will have to find other means to watch the Pretty Little Liars finale that we missed last night.

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