Samurai Jack Return Coming in March

After fourteen long years, the Samurai Jack return is finally coming. In less than two months, we’ll be able to finally watch the fifth and final season on Adult Swim.Samurai Jack return

You probably missed the initial announcement, but the Samurai Jack return was quietly teased on Twitter yesterday. The short video announces that the show’s fifth season will air on March 11 at 11:30pm.

Previously, it was said that this new season will take place years after the original series concluded.

“I think we’re going to see [Jack] in a new light because we’re going to see him from a different standpoint,” said writer Darrick Bachman. “In the original series, he was a very heroic person on a very rigid quest. Now we pick up with him and it’s many years after the fact and he’s a little bit lost. So it’s a story of redemption and him trying to find who he is again.”

The original series made its home on Cartoon Network, but the series will now continue during Adult Swim. Creator and director Genndy Tartakovsky has said that we should expect a darker, more adult series. The audience has grown up with the character. Still, the creator understands that some fans have shared the show with their children. Because of this, he has said that he “didn’t want to go full on heads getting chopped off and blood spurting everywhere.”

We’ll be tuning in to watch the Samurai Jack return. Will you?

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