Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Comes to Amazon Prime

kabaneri of the iron fortressKabaneri of the Iron Fortress is the latest anime from the Attack on Titan director and the creator of Code Geass. Next month, you can stream it with Amazon Prime.

According to Anime News Network, the upcoming show will start airing April 7 worldwide through Amazon Prime.

The anime is a steampunk survival action story that takes place on the island of Hinomoto. Here, humans are forced to hide in fortresses due to the zombie-like creatures call “Kabane.” In order to travel between the fortresses, humans must use armored locomotives called “Hayajiro.”

All of this sounds like a welcome twist to the familiar zombie tale. Not to mention, the steampunk nature will also add to a more distinct and interesting visual style. To get an idea of what the show will look like, check out the trailer below:

Directing Kabaneri is Tetsuro Araki, the same director that helped make Attack on Titan so visually interesting. Penning the script is the man behind Code Geass, Ichiro Okouchi.

We definitely are eager to check this new show out and we suggest you do the same. You’ll need an Amazon Prime membership to do it. With $12 off every new, full-priced game, tons of movie and television streaming, and free shipping, it basically pays for itself.

Check out Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress when it releases in a few weeks on April 7.

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