After the Thrones, a Game of Thrones Post-Show, Announced

after the thronesPost-shows have been growing in popularity since the release of The Talking Dead on AMC. After the Thrones brings the same idea to Game of Thrones.

Reported on Deadline, the upcoming show will be hosted by both Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan. Following the season premiere on April 24, the post-show will continue on throughout the entirety of the sixth season.

Just like with other post-shows, After the Thrones will go over the events of the most recent episode. They’ll explain who did what, why it matters, and how it could shape the series’ future.

As far as hosts, Greenwalk and Ryan couldn’t be a more perfect fit. Previously they have worked together on Grantland’s Watch the Thrones podcast.

With as complicated as the show can get, its we appreciate having an extra hour to unpack an episode. We can’t catch everything on our first watch-through. so it is nice to find out what we may have missed. It’s like talking to your friends about last night’s episode, but without the worry of whether or not they have caught up.

Game of Thrones: Season 6 premieres April 24 with After the Thrones airing each Monday night afterwards. Make sure you are all caught up! You can find season five available here.

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