Uncharted Movie Starring Nathan Fillion Hits Web

Well I don’t think that anyone was really expecting an Uncharted movie to premiere today, but that’s exactly what this Monday has bestowed upon us. A “fan made” film hit the internet this morning and the short does an incredible job of adapting Naughty Dog’s iconic series to film.

Fillion began teasing something Uncharted related a few days ago on his Instagram account. The actor published a cryptic image that immediately lead to fan speculation that some type of announcement as to his casting was poised for July 16th. Fillion made good on the tease today when the short’s director, Allan Ungar, published the above film to his YouTube page.

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Fillion has long sought to land the role of Nathan Drake. The 15 minute long movie proves that the actor certainly knows the character well and can imbue his personality on film. Not to mention the fact that Fillion already bears a striking resemblance to the notorious video game character.

Directed by Ungar with Fillion as Drake, the project also features Stephen Lang doing an incredible job in the role of Drake’s mentor, Sully. Mircea Monroe takes on the role of Elena. And Geno Segars and Ernie Reyes, Jr. are credited as Diego and El Tigre respectively. The project was written by Ungar and Jesse Wheeler.

A Hollywood Uncharted movie has been attempted many times over by now with the earliest attempts beginning in 2009. Fillion has campaigned for the role, but Marc Wahlberg was attached to star when the project had momentum in 2010. However last year Wahlberg stated he was no longer attached to the project.

The last we’ve heard was that the big screen adaptation had been converted to a prequel and would star Tom Holland in the leading role. Joe Carnahan was hired to write the script, with Rafe Judkins joining the project later for retooling. It’s unclear what the current status of Holland’s potential prequel series is.

If fans never get the Hollywood Uncharted movie they deserve, at least Ungar, Fillion and their team have blessed us with this.