Westworld Actors Get Big Raises Ahead of Season 3

Season 2 of HBO’s Westworld may not have delivered quite a successfully as Season 1 did, but the network is still all in on the series. Season 3 was officially announced in May. And with Season 3 comes news today that many of the show’s lead actors are getting a substantial pay raise.

The Hollywood reporter states that Westworld’s leads, consisting of Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright and Thandie Newton, are getting a serious bump in salary. Previously earning between $100,000 and $150,000 an episode, the foursome are now set to net an impressive $250,000 an episode for their work in the show’s third season.

It’s worth noting who isn’t included in the list of actors getting a pay increase for the efforts. Neither James Marsden nor Tessa Thompson are included in the above list of names. Those of you who have seen the final episodes of Westworld’s second season know that Marsden and Thompson’s characters of Teddy Flood and Charlotte Hale have an ambiguous future at best.

The Hollywood Reporter’s sources have stated that the two being absent from these negotiations “may point to an unclear future for the pair on the series.” When asked for comment on the salary news, HBO issued a statement saying the network “does not and would never comment on talent negotiations.”

As far as when we’ll get to see Westworld Season 3, it likely won’t be until some point in 2020. The show’s creators, husband and wife duo Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, have stated previously that they “want to take all the time we need to get it right.” The state that roughly 18 months is the time it’ll take them to have the next season ready to air.

This is par for the course, actually. Season 1 debuted on HBO in October 2016. The second season then began airing in April of 2018. We can hopefully feast our eyes on what the show has planned for us next in late 2019 or early 2020.