Godzilla vs. Kong Release Date Moved Up

According to Deadline, studio Legendary has moved Godzilla vs. Kong from its original release date of May 29th, 2020 to May 22nd, 2020. Not much is known about this movie, beyond that it is an obvious reboot of the original King Kong vs. Godzilla from 1962. So we can expect to see Godzilla and Kong fighting for the title of King, but who know what details will be changed or updated in the new one.Godzilla vs. Kong' Release Date Moved Up

Thus far, the film is being written by Terry Rossio (known for writing the entire Pirates of the Caribbean series) and several other writers, including Lindsey Beer and Max Borenstein (who has worked on Godzilla (2014) and Kong: Skull Island (2017)). Alex Garcia is the executive producer, and will be joined by Jon Jashni, Mary Parent, and Thomas Tull.

Godzilla and King Kong might not be the only ones on set, as Legendary announced back in 2015 that they acquired the rights to other old Japanese monster films from studio Toho. These include Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah. It will interesting to see if these other monsters will have a part to play at all, or if they will simply be an Easter egg at the very end. If so, than Godzilla vs. Kong will not be the last we see of what will likely be a long and action-filled series.


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