Collin MacGregor

Collin is a complete film geek and the one person who actually likes playing the medic class. When he's not raiding in Destiny, making poor choices in Dark Souls, or watching Mad Max: Fury Road for the 100th time, you can find him writing for Nerd Much and Twinfinite.


  • The Purge

    The Purge 4 Has Officially Been Announced by Universal

    It’s official, the fourth installment of The Purge has officially been announced and is aiming for a July 2018 release date. While almost all the details are scarce, we do know that James DeMonaco will not be directing this time around. While...
  • A Cure for Wellness

    A Cure for Wellness Review

    Marking director Gore Verbinski’s return to the thriller/horror genre, A Cure for Wellness is a marathon of a movie both in sheer length and the narrative structure. This highly stylized film is full of breathtaking cinematography, haunting sounds, and gorgeous set/costume design...
  • Prey

    Prey Hands-On: A Deceptively Fun Experience

    Author’s Note: Press were provided with portable external hard drives after the event with our gameplay and we played only the first hour of Prey.  The Prey series has gone on a rather long an arduous journey since the first title released back in 2006. With multiple delays, rumors, and...
  • john wick tv show

    John Wick: Chapter 2 Review

    When it comes to action movies it’s quite difficult to stand out amongst the crowd, especially given that films are getting bigger, bolder, and more expensive thanks to the sheer level of superhero movies flooding the market. When John Wick released back...
  • Halo Wars 2

    WATCH: The Terror of Atriox in Halo Wars 2’s Launch Trailer

    With Halo Wars 2 just a few weeks away, a new trailer has just dropped that focuses more on the story this time around. The main center point is the powerful Brute leader known only as Atriox, the main antagonist and helmet crushing behemoth standing in your way. It’s...
  • LIFE

    WATCH: LIFE’s Second Trailer Brings Terror Back to Space

    LIFE has been an odd film, as the previous trailer that was released 3 months ago really didn’t offer much beyond the very basics of the story. Thankfully, this has been fixed as the newest trailer for this science fiction/horror film not...
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

    WATCH: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Extended Trailer

    The newest trailer for the long-awaited sixth Pirates of the Caribbean film arrived last night during the Super Bowl. Up until this point, this movie has been shrouded in mystery as only a cryptic teaser trailer that showed off the newest villain Capitan Salazar (Javier Bardem) was released some...
  • logan

    WATCH: Logan’s New Big Game Commercial

    Release Date: March 3, 2017 Starring: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen Director: James Mangold The newest trailer revealed for Logan has dropped and while it’s short there is some new footage on display. While it’s really more of just Wolverine, Professor Xavier, and X-23, there is...
  • Rings review

    Rings Review

    **This Rings Review may contain spoilers.** The Ring has always been an odd horror film series as it can never truly escape the ties it has to the original Japanese counterpart Ringu. Despite producing one decent remake and a rather poor sequel, it’s been years since we last heard...
  • must see movies 2017

    Top 30 Must-See Upcoming Movies of 2017

    2016 has been a pretty great year for movies so far. Not only have we seen the best Star Trek movie of the past ten years, but we’ve also seen numerous other sci-fi flicks, superhero movies, some great action, and even some unique
  • Resident Evil 5

    6 of the Coolest Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Easter Eggs

    With the latest film in the Resident Evil franchise released upon the world, it’s time to comb through every frame and find our favorite nods hidden without. It’s no surprise that these movies pay homage to other
  • The Nun, The Conjuring 2

    Director Revealed for The Conjuring 2 Spin-off Movie The Nun

    Yesterday it was revealed via Deadline, that director Corin Hardy is the director that’s leading The Conjuring 2 spin-off film titled The Nun. Hardy confirmed this via Twitter, however, there is no real release date in sight since he is currently working on...