GamesWhat's the Best Valorant Tracker in 2023?

What’s the Best Valorant Tracker in 2023?

Looking to get better at Valorant? You should probably start with our epic guide with over 50 Valorant tips. But, your second move should be to start using a Val stat tracker.

If you’re wondering what the best Valorant tracker is, allow us to give you a quick breakdown of the five most popular stat trackers available in 2023.

Tracker Network (TRN)


Of course,’s Tracker Network (popularly referred to as TRN) has been a staple in the competitive gaming scene for quite some time. Not only is TRN one of the top Valorant trackers available but they also have trackers for many other multiplayer games such as FortniteApex Legends, and Destiny 2.

With TRN, you can track your Valorant rank progression, match history, accuracy, and more. You can also track your total Valorant playtime, as well as which agents you’re playing the most. TRN has all of the Valorant stats you could possibly want, including K/D per character, total win percentage, average damage per round, and more.

You can even break things down further to see which guns you get the most headshots with, which sidearm you get the most kills with, and on which maps you most often win.

There is also an impressive breadth of great Valorant crosshairs you can download, uploaded by other players in the community.

Unfortunately, one of our biggest issues with Tracker Network was that the UI would occasionally freeze on the screen, even in the middle of a game. Still, it didn’t happen frequently, and it was probably something specific to my machine. is super easy to use. Simply go to the website and search for your player ID or sign in with your Riot ID.

Check Your Stats Here

Blitz.GG is good and it has great options for in-game overlays.

Blitz also works with Teamfight Tactics, League of Legends, CS:GO, and more.

As far as tracking Valorant stats is concerned, Blitz tracks your agents, weapons, and maps so that you can later compare stats and make more informed gaming decisions in future matches.

One thing we absolutely love about is its interactive Valorant lineups for each map. So, you can pick each map and whatever agents you like to play, and Blitz will tell you all of the Attacking and Defending Lineups for that agent.

Blitz also does a great job of highlighting pros by having profiles for Tenz (who endorses Blitz), Boaster, and other well-known Valorant pros on the landing page.

You can sign-up at and you can download the Blitz client at the bottom of that page.

Check Your Stats with Blitz.GG

Overwolf ( or TRN)

Overwolf offers a different solution for tracking your Valorant stats. You’ll use a clientside app that will stay running in the background and will allow you to mod your games.

Of course, in this case, you would want to use the Valorant Tracker app (yes, powered by Tracker Network), app, or any of the other tracking apps that might be available.

So, if you want another app to sit in your app tray, by all means, check out Overwolf.

See What Valorant Apps Are Available Here


SenpAI is another good Valorant tracking site that is pretty similar to TRN, but a bit more basic. If you’re just looking for straight stats, SenpAI is super easy to use.

Check Out SenpAI Here


Is Using a Valorant Tracker Safe?

Yes, using Valorant trackers is safe and will not get you banned by Riot. Blitz is officially recognized by Riot.

Do Valorant Trackers Lower Your FPS?

Assuming you aren’t playing on a potato laptop, running Valorant trackers in the background while you are playing will not lower your FPS or cause any dropped frames.

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