Deadpool’s Head Available for Pre-Order

There is at least one perk to being immortal – even when you’ve lost your body, you’re still able to harass everyone!

This electronic premium Deadpool head gives the Merc with a Mouth the chance to share his loud-mouth personality with everyone. The app-enhanced interactive head features more than 600 sounds and phrases, all fitting for Marvel’s greatest antihero.

He may just be a head, but Deadpool is still up to his usual tricks. With the free smartphone app, he can play pranks, dish out insults, or even serve as your most irritating alarm clock. You thought that persistent beeping was bad? Just wait until you’re roused from your slumber by Deadpool’s antics. It’s definitely not as pleasant as the smell of freshly roasted coffee, but it gets the job done.

The Marvel Legends Deadpool Head is built with multiple sensors and motors to make the Regenerating Degenerate more expressive. It will be like the real Deadpool is in the room with you, especially as he keeps talking. And talking. And talking. Hey, at least you know what you’re getting yourself into before bringing him into your home.

Interact with Deadpool to your heart’s content or use the app to create your own brand of mischief. He may have plenty to say on his own, but even someone as talkative as Deadpool can use some direction. His free app is your tool to a fully interactive experience where you control just how rude and loud Deadpool is.

If you have a shelf of nerdy stuff, you definitely need Deadpool’s severed head gracing it. When you’re not around, he’ll have plenty of heart-to-heart discussions with your other figures. Especially if one of them is Wolverine.

The Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Head requires 4 C Alkaline batteries to give the merc the power to run his mouth.

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