Home Alone Ya Filthy Animal Christmas Sweater

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Rumor has it, this was going to be among Kevin McCallister’s tricks to scare away the Wet Bandits, but Hollywood execs thought it too much for its time. Many years have passed, though, and it seems the world is ready for this Home Alone ugly Christmas sweater.

The sweater color is not quite white, not quite eggshell, which helps its more colorful bits stand out. Being a Christmas sweater, there needs to some elements of the holiday. Reindeer and Christmas trees stand in as iconic holiday fair on the upper and lower portions of this sweater. Snowflakes are scattered about to fill in space, but the real focus is right in the middle.

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Clapping his hands to his cheeks in Kevin’s signature style is Macaulay Culkin, knitted into the sweater in a deep maroon color. The likeness is uncanny for a knit reproduction. Below him, in more festive green, is that iconic saying from Angels with Filthy Souls. “Merry Christmas, filthy animal!”

At least it says “Merry Christmas,” right? Of course, what happens after that line is read isn’t very festive, but this is a start!

Tying everything together and to remind onlookers where this sweater pulled inspiration from is the Home Alone logo is added just below the memorable quote.

Even if you’re against ugly Christmas sweaters, nostalgia is going to bring you right back to this one. It’s hard not to remember Kevin’s own wardrobe of tacky sweaters when you slip into this cozy, albeit somewhat offensive, holiday sweater.

Kudos to all of you brave enough to wear this in public. You are the real heroes that ensure others are given the chance to enjoy a little piece of holiday magic in the form of a Home Alone Christmas sweater.

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