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20 Superhero Video Games We Want Right Now

Superhero games are very hard to nail as a publisher. Look at all of the great superheroes we’ve seen in their own video games in the past and how many of those games are actually any good.

Batman games are reliably great, sure, but it’s time that the Caped Crusader passed the cowl to a new superhero, so to speak. We love what Rocksteady did with Batman, and we’ve been able to play some truly great superhero games so far in our lifetime, like Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, and the original Batman game on NES. Naturally, we want more. Lots more.

There are plenty of superheroes who are sitting around waiting for a video game publisher to give them the video game treatment. While some superhero video games were absolute abominations — we’re looking at you Superman 64, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Deadpool to name a few — we think these comic book heroes might offer a better chance at success.

Here are 20 superheroes who need their own video game, curated by a lover and expert in both comics and video games.


superhero games

The concept of a Daredevil video game has been tantalizingly out of reach for fans of the Man Without Fear. Despite Daredevil’s appearances in ensemble games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance and mobile games such as Marvel Contest of Champions, the blind lawyer from Hell’s Kitchen has never starred in his own video game. Given his rich narrative depth, unique abilities, and the gritty, crime-ridden backdrop of his stories, a solo Daredevil game is long overdue.

Why now, you ask? The superhero genre in video games has evolved, with titles like Spider-Man for the PS4/PS5 setting new standards for storytelling, gameplay, and open-world exploration. A Daredevil game could similarly leverage today’s technology to craft a deeply immersive experience. Imagine navigating the rooftops of New York with Daredevil’s radar sense, engaging in fluid, acrobatic combat that mirrors his martial arts prowess, and diving into a narrative that explores the moral complexities of Matt Murdock’s dual life.

Moreover, the resurgence of interest in Daredevil, thanks to his integration into the broader Marvel Cinematic Universe and the anticipation around new television projects, creates a perfect storm of public interest and technological capability. A Daredevil video game could offer fans an unparalleled opportunity to step into the boots of one of Marvel’s most compelling characters, blending action, detective work, and a rich, character-driven story. Now is the ideal time to bring Daredevil’s unique brand of justice to the gaming world.

Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)

blue beetle game

The time is ripe for a Blue Beetle video game, particularly focusing on Jaime Reyes, the most recent incarnation of the character. Jaime’s unique bond with the alien Scarab offers a rich narrative and gameplay mechanics unlike any other superhero game on the market. While Blue Beetle has appeared in ensemble titles like Injustice 2 and various LEGO DC games, showcasing his abilities and the visually stunning aesthetic of his armor, he’s never been the focal point. This oversight presents a golden opportunity for a game that could explore his transformation from a teenager into a superhero, delving into themes of identity, responsibility, and the struggle to balance personal life with heroic duties.

Now is the perfect moment for a Blue Beetle game for several reasons. Firstly, the character’s popularity is at an all-time high, thanks in part to his appearances in animated series, the recent movie, and his inclusion in the aforementioned games. Moreover, the growing demand for superhero games that explore deeper narratives, along with advancements in gaming technology, allows for a more immersive experience. Players could explore Jaime’s unique powers, such as creating various weapons, flying, and even accessing alien technology, through gameplay that encourages creativity and strategy.

A Blue Beetle video game could stand out by offering a fresh perspective on superhero gaming, focusing on a young Latino hero, which would also contribute to diversity in gaming (there aren’t many Latino protagonists in games). With the right development team, a Blue Beetle game could combine compelling storytelling, innovative gameplay, and cultural significance, making it a must-play title for fans and newcomers alike.


batgirl game

The call for a Batgirl video game has been echoing through the halls of fandom for years, and the time has never been more ripe for Barbara Gordon to take center stage in her own virtual adventure. Despite her appearances in ensemble titles like Injustice: Gods Among Us, LEGO Batman, and as a part of DLC in Batman: Arkham Knight, Batgirl has predominantly played a supporting role. These appearances have only whetted the appetite for a deeper dive into her story, showcasing her unique blend of intellect, martial prowess, and detective skills, setting the stage for a game that could stand apart in the crowded superhero genre.

Why now, you ask? The superhero gaming landscape is thirsting for fresh narratives and strong female leads. A Batgirl game could break new ground by focusing on Barbara’s journey, blending her early days as Batgirl with her evolution into Oracle and possibly back, offering a rich narrative depth. The character’s resilience, overcoming her darkest hour after The Killing Joke, speaks volumes about human strength, making her relatable to a wide audience. Her dual identity as a tech-savvy hacker and a skilled combatant opens up unique gameplay mechanics, blending stealth, combat, and puzzle-solving in innovative ways.

Moreover, the current cultural climate favors diverse storytelling, and a Batgirl game could highlight themes of empowerment, perseverance, and justice. With the DC Universe expanding in film, TV, and games, it’s the perfect time to give Batgirl her due, not just as a sidekick or a member of an ensemble, but as the star of her own story. A solo Batgirl game would not only fill a gap in the superhero game lineup but could also set a new benchmark for character-driven storytelling in the genre.

Black Widow

superhero games we want

The idea of a Black Widow video game stands out as another remarkably untapped Marvel video game opportunity. Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, has graced several games as a supporting character, such as in Marvel’s Avengers and various titles under the LEGO Marvel series. Despite these appearances, she’s yet to take center stage in her own title, an oversight that feels increasingly conspicuous in light of her growing prominence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Given her complex backstory, a blend of espionage, action, and deep narrative potential, a solo Black Widow game could offer an immersive experience unlike any other in the superhero genre.

Now, more than ever, is the perfect time for a Black Widow game. Following her solo film, interest in Natasha’s story is at an all-time high, providing a rich tapestry of lore for developers to draw from. A game could explore her origins, delve into her time as a spy, or even chart new territory following the events of the MCU. The gaming industry’s advancements in storytelling and graphics mean that a Black Widow title could offer not just thrilling gameplay but a deep, cinematic story that does justice to one of Marvel’s most nuanced characters. As gamers increasingly seek out strong, complex female protagonists and narratives that blend action with emotional depth, the stage is set for Black Widow to finally take the spotlight in her own video game.


dc video games

Hawkeye might not have enough of his own fans to lead his own game, but the world’s greatest marksman could have some unique mechanics that would be enjoyable even if you don’t know much about him already. Bows tend to work really well in games (see Far Cry Primal, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc), and that means a Hawkeye game is ripe for greatness.

Green Arrow

green arrow game

Of course, Green Arrow has also seen a rise to fame over the past few years thanks to his TV show. He has a fantastic back story that would translate incredibly well to a video game, and we all love shooting arrows into things, right? His comic books are successful, and the show is successful, and now we’re hoping a Green Arrow game could be next, especially now that Rocksteady is done with the Arkham series.


robin game

There are so many possibilities for a Robin game that we don’t even know where to start. The Boy Wonder has been in the Arkham series, but we think he’s ready for the spotlight. It could follow the story of the original Robin’s inception and then follow his journey for a couple of games until Dick Grayson becomes Nightwing.

It could follow Jason Todd taking over and his “final” scrap with the Joker. A Robin game could also follow young Damian Wayne as he first becomes Robin, too (we think this would provide the best opportunity for unique gameplay). There are virtually endless possibilities, and given Robin’s use of acrobatics, gameplay could become wildly different from Batman’s.


nightwing game

We’ve already gotten a small taste of Nightwing gameplay in both Arkham Knight and Injustice (and he’ll likely be in Injustice 2), and we enjoyed every minute of it. If we were taken deep into Nightwing’s story years after he was dismissed as Robin, it would be an interesting game. As long as it’s set in Bludhaven and not Gotham, a Nightwing game could feel much different than Rocksteady’s Batman.

Wonder Woman

wonder woman game

Especially with Wonder Woman making her way into the DC movie universe, now’s the time for a standalone Wonder Woman game. We got a glimpse of her power in Injustice: Gods Among Us, and her tale would translate well into a video game. A mega battle between Wonder Woman and Ares would make for a great game, since Ares is such an evil-looking villain. Plus, with the popularity of Wonder Woman, and the upcoming standalone movie, the game would probably sell well if it looks good.


blade game

While we’re all obsessed with killing zombies, there hasn’t been a straight up vampire slayer game for us to sink our teeth into. Blade‘s appeal is undeniable, and his comic is ripe with ideas that translate well into a video game (like, you know, killing big rooms filled with vampires).

We don’t think a Blade game would happen unless there were a movie or TV series in the works, as Marvel would need one of those two things to happen so that Blade has a broader appeal. Still, the idea of hyper-realistic vampire killing sounds like a good idea.

Doctor Strange

doctor strange game

A Doctor Strange game has the potential to finally satisfy our need to cast spells in video games. The best way to describe Doctor Strange, in our opinion, is “delightfully weird.” His persona is perfect for video games, and his many different magical abilities would be fun for gamers. Now is the perfect time for more Doc Strange stuff, since the Benedict Cumberbatch-led Doctor Strange movie will be hitting soon.


hellboy game

Mostly thanks to his movies, Hellboy is a relatively well-known big red hero, at least as far as Dark Horse’s heroes go. He was summoned from Hell to Earth as an infant demon by Nazi occultists, and was then discovered by the Allied Forces. He becomes a part of the BPRD. We’re surprised there hasn’t been an attempt at a Hellboy game just yet, as he’s a perfect fit for the video game world.

Moon Knight

moon knight

Moon Knight is often touted as Marvel’s Batman, and because Batman games work so well, it could be a big hit for Marvel. Well, he’s not as popular as Batman, but he’s still basically Batman.

He’s not super, he’s a vigilante, he’s rich, and he even has a cave under his mansion — all of the similarities are there. It’d be a great way for Marvel to sell more of its comics, and it could pave the way for a Moon Knight appearance on the big screen.

Captain America

captain america game

You won’t find a better early 90s arcade game than Captain America and the Avengers. It was EVERY level of badass. But, that was over 20 years ago, and Captain America hasn’t had an impressive game since.

Especially with Civil War being one of the best movies of 2016, a Captain America game for the Xbox One/PS4 could be very popular. But who would develop it? What studio should develop a Captain America game? That’s a tough question, but Rocksteady sure sounds like an appealing choice.


cyborg game

There are tons of video games that already use cyborgs in them. Bionic Commando, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and Mortal Kombat are just a few popular games that use cyborgs. Cyborg, the DC Comics character, is a member of the Teen Titans, and his cybernetic enhancements provide superhuman strength, endurance and durability.

He also has the ability to talk with computers. He’s fast, and is able to leap great distances. A Cyborg game would basically play like Crackdown, but set in the DC Universe. Count us in.

Savage Dragon

savage dragon game

Before Image Comics was known for The Walking Dead, they were arguably best known for Savage Dragon, a book about a superheroic police officer named Dragon that’s large, finned and green-skinned.

He has super-strength like the Hulk, but also has advanced healing capabilities. He’s also an amnesiac, so that could create an opportunity for a discovery mechanic in a Savage Dragon video game. An experience based on the hero would also appeal to non-comic book fans somewhat too, since they’d be drawn to his cool look.


superman 64

Superman hasn’t had the best career in video games, has he? After the mess that was Superman 64, we all basically stay away from Superman games. He’s a tough character to put into a video game, as he’s virtually invincible, but there are ways to weaken him, of course. Still, a proper open-world Superman game would sell like hotcakes nowadays, especially if it were developed by Rocksteady. We have hope that Clark Kent will get his own game soon, but until then, he belongs on this list.

The Flash

the flash game

Like Arrow, a TV series has done wonders for the popularity of The Flash, bringing him front and center in the minds of comic book lovers. His super speed allows him to travel through time, lend and borrow speed, and pass through walls by quantum tunneling. All of these powers translate well to video games, and I think a Flash game with Barry Allen or Wally West could be potentially great.

Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond)

batman beyond game

I’ve already talked about other Batman games we’d like to see, and a Batman Beyond was and is one of them. A futuristic Batman would allow any video game developer to have a field day with imagining a future Gotham, although a Batman Beyond game would likely just take the route of the animated series by going cyberpunk.

Still, even if we check in on the creation of Terry McGinnis as Batman, with Bruce Wayne as his mentor, it would likely be a memorable experience worth exploring. Although we’ve already seen so many Batman games before, if there’s one super hero game on this list that I want most, it’s a Batman Beyond game.


aquaman game

Just kidding. No one would want this, as we’ve already seen how bad an Aquaman game can be. But in all seriousness, we don’t see an Aquaman game being popular enough to be worth a publisher’s time.

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